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About "Omzien en Gedenken"

The foundation "Omzien en Gedenken" was founded in 1993 by Cornelis Pieter van den Hoek (MWO). The name translates in Dutch "to look after and rember".

The foundation's aim is to (financially) support activities in the broadest sense of the word, aimed at remembering and commemorating the history of the Second World War, period 1940 - 1945, in particular with regard to the area known as The "Biesbosch" and surrounding areas, including the stimulation of activities in this context within education, and furthermore everything that is directly or indirectly related to this or may be conducive thereto"

The foundation tries to achieve its goal by supporting activities of persons and/or organizations that promotes the goal of the foundation.


Stichting Omzien and Gedenk Werkendam

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