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Van Tienhoven van de Boogaardstraat, 4251EM, Werkendam (Altena), North Brabant, The Netherlands

The monument 'De line-crosser' in Werkendam (municipality of Altena) is a bronze sculpture of the two resistance heroes Arie 'Aaike' van Driel and Kees van de Sande. The sculpture is placed on a natural stone pedestal. A plaque is attached to it. Next to the sculpture is a memorial stone on which the names of war victims are recorded.


Grotewaardweg 5, 4251 NV, Werkendam (Altena), North Brabant, The Netherlands

On June 30, 2016, the monument to the crashed Lancaster bomber LM508 was unveiled at Werkendam. Sgt John E. Keogh salvaged. The monument is made from parts of the aircraft.

Lancaster 101_edited.jpg
26042020-Overdiepsepolder-028-LR-1024x683 (2).jpg


Veerweg, 5161, Sprang-Capelle (Sprang-Capelle), North Brabant, The Netherlands

In 1985 the monument Kapelsche Veer in Sprang-Capelle was unveiled. This memorial consists of a black plaque, framed by red bricks. The memorial is placed in an embankment at the foot of a willow. The large central plaque has been replaced. The other 4 small plaques have been replaced by 10 small white plaques.


Oranjepolderweg, Hank (Altena), North Brabant, Netherlands

The Halifax LV905 MK III, a bomber of the British Royal Air Force (RAF), crashed in the night of 24 to 25 May 1944 in the Oranjepolder near Hank 

The monument in Hank stands on the spot where the plane crashed and commemorates the crew who died.

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